Self-Reflection Deck
Self-Reflection Deck

Self-Reflection Deck

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We consider our Self-Reflection Deck "Cards for Humanity"—they help you reflect on and reclaim the wonderful way God made you. The Self-Reflection Deck is perfect for people who:

  • Want to start a regular reflection practice
  • Want to learn more about who God made them to be
  • Want an easy-to-use tool for spiritual growth
  • Want new prompts for their prayers
  • Want new prompts for journaling
  • Want to think more deeply about how they're growing

This pack of poker-sized cards includes 50 reflection question cards, 3 prayer cards, and 1 card with directions for use—all inside a flip-top box for easy storage. Small enough to fit in your computer bag, purse, or pocket, these cards easily travel with you wherever and whenever you need a little time to reflect. To encompass all areas of soul care, each of the 50 questions focuses on one of the following 7 categories: spiritual health, mental health, physical health, emotional health, relational health, growth, and calling. 

The Self-Reflection Deck is a tool to help you foster a regular reflection practice. Set aside time each day (or as often as you can) to engage the judgment-free practice of reflecting on who you are and who you're becoming. Use the 3 prayer cards to help you enter into a time of reflection. Then draw one card, reflecting on the question. Respond by praying or journaling in your favorite notebook. Ideally, use only one card each day so you have ample time to reflect on your answer throughout the day. You'll be surprised by how the question continues to pop into your mind throughout the day. There are no right or wrong answers, and our hope is that these questions invite you to get curious about the way you are, extending grace to yourself, and being kind to yourself as you seek God's guidance on next steps for growth.

You can use the Self-Reflection Deck in a number of ways:

  • Use the questions for prayer prompts, journaling prompts, or simply thinking prompts.
  • Use them alone or with a significant other or close friend.
  • Use the questions in the order they arrive, shuffle them, or pull out cards at random.
  • Use them once a quarter, twice a year, or every year for an annual review of who you are.

Great as a gift for yourself, for a birthday gift, for ministry leaders, or for graduates. Check out our bundles for a ready-to-go gift perfect for any occasion!