Small Business Retreat

Small Business Retreat

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It's time to take care of you!

Small business owner, you deserve a break! As we end first quarter, it's time to take a breath, decompress, and reset for the coming months. Join me for this special mini retreat just for small business owners! We'll reflect, refresh, and move with hope into the second quarter.

I know you love what you do, and that can make it really difficult to set it down to take a break. I get it—that's just the nature of small business owners! At the same time, I know that when you take a break to find some inner quiet, to reflect, and to rest and restore, you will walk away a better business owner, parent, friend, and partner.

This 90-minute workshop will use restorative yoga, guided meditation, self-reflection, and more to help us care for ourselves. You'll enjoy a relaxing and refreshing break and leave feeling lighter and more at peace. You'll also connect with other local small business folks in a safe, supportive environment. All small business owners and managers are invited!

Join us Thursday, April 13 from 6:30 - 8:00 pm at The Perch for this in-person workshop!

We'll be engaging restorative yoga (gentle, passive, restful poses), so you're invited to wear comfortable clothing you can move around in. The yoga will be gentle and accessible to all. If you have a yoga mat, you're encouraged to bring it. You'll have the opportunity to take off your shoes for the yoga portion, so please plan accordingly. Masks are optional.

The Perch is located at 31 W Downer Place, Suite 301, Aurora, IL 60506. Doors open at 6:15.

About the Presenter

Amy JacksonAmy Jackson is founder and director of The Perch located in Aurora, Illinois. She is the author of 31 Days of Self Kindness and Unhurried: A 52-Week Meditative Bible Reading Guidean RYT-200 yoga teacher, and a certified Wellness and Social-Emotional Learning Facilitator. Jackson also holds an M.A. in Christian Formation and Ministry from Wheaton College. She spends time leading retreats, teaching about soul care, and training leaders. She has served on staff at several churches and is a former small-group minister. She is passionate about helping people discover their calling and live out that calling in healthy, flourishing ways.

What People Are Saying About These Retreats

  • "I slept 9 hours after the retreat! I never sleep that late."
  • "I left feeling like I'm not alone. I have lots of support!"
  • "This retreat was a literal god-send."
  • "Thanks for creating such a supportive, healing environment!"
  • "It was so nice to be with other business owners who get it."
  • "I have used the tools you gave us almost every day! It's been life-changing."


What will we do during this workshop?

Amy Jackson will use meditation, self-reflection, discussion, and yoga poses to help us help us care for ourselves. You'll enjoy a relaxing and refreshing break and leave feeling lighter and more at peace. 

Is this workshop only for women?

No! As always, workshops, retreats, and cohorts offered by The Perch are open to all adults.

Why combine yoga with reflection?

There is a lot of research that suggests a strong mind-body connection. Finding physical balance helps us find mental balance. Learning something new physically opens up the possibility to learn something new mentally, too. In addition, physical movement has been shown to prime our minds to focus. These workshops are intentionally designed to tap into this powerful mind-body-soul connection within us to explore topics and themes in a deep way that changes us from the inside out. These workshops always receive fantastic reviews.

What should I bring to the workshop?

Please wear comfortable clothing you can move freely in. If you have a yoga mat, you're encouraged to bring it along. You'll be invited to take off your shoes during our yoga poses, so plan accordingly. You may also want to bring a journal for our times of self-reflection, but paper and pens will also be provided.

What if I've never practiced yoga poses before?

Our mindful movement time will be intentionally inclusive to all. You do not need any prior experience with yoga poses.

Will this retreat be offered again?

Yes! I offer this retreat quarterly. Tentative dates for the next retreats are June 22, and October 5. Plan to attend them all!

I have additional questions. How can I contact you?

If you have questions about the workshop, don’t hesitate to reach out! Email Amy at