Meditative Painting Starter Kit
Meditative Painting Starter Kit
Meditative Painting Starter Kit
Meditative Painting Starter Kit
Meditative Painting Starter Kit
Meditative Painting Starter Kit

Meditative Painting Starter Kit

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Everything you need to get started quick. Explore this fun and creative practice to help you find inner stillness.

There’s something beautifully soothing about using watercolor to meditate. I love watching the colors swirl, blend, and bleed across the paper, and the soft end result is absolutely gorgeous. Painting while meditating can help us find that inner stillness we crave as our bodies and minds relax into the task at hand.

Whether you’re like me and you can get so stuck in your head with all the running to-do lists and mental connections that it’s difficult to focus your mind to meditate, or if you’re more of an extrovert and sitting still to meditate sounds unbearable, you’ll find meditative painting a wonderful tool to help you cultivate that inner quiet that allows you to focus on God, Scripture, a word, or a theme.

This workshop is designed with beginners in mind. I provide everything you need to get started with meditative painting: all the painting supplies you’ll need for several meditative painting sessions, plus clear video instructions that will make you feel like we’re painting together at The Perch.

If you’re looking for a soothing, relaxing break to breathe, create, and connect with God, this Meditative Painting Kit is for you.

Included in your kit:

  • Instant access to a 40-minute video workshop with Amy Jackson on Meditative Painting
  • Choice of Folk Art or Botanical paint kit
  • 4-6 handcrafted designs lightly printed on 8” x 10” watercolor sheets to guide you
  • Several blank 8” x 10” watercolor sheets for practicing
  • Professional watercolor paint to customize your design
  • Printed Introduction to Watercolor Guide
  • 2 paint brushes
  • Mixing Tray for mixing paint

Choose from two painting kit themes:

Folk Art

Featuring four whimsical designs that are handcrafted by Tram Colwin, the Folk Art kit includes beautiful Prussian Blue paint. The fun, mirrored designs will speak to the nature-lover inside you with beautiful butterflies, flying birds, adorable foxes, and hopping bunnies, all mixed in with pretty floral designs.


The Botanical kit includes six beautiful foliage designs featuring eucalyptus, ferns, and more. These handcrafted designs from Tram Colwin pair perfectly with four professional watercolors in shades of green and blue. As you paint the various leaf shapes, you’ll be inspired by the intricate design of these simple plants.

The handcrafted designs in both paint kits come from Tram Colwin, the artist and designer behind Tram Colwin Art. She was born in Vietnam, and lived there until her family immigrated to America in 1996, following other relatives straight to Bentonville, Arkansas. Tram Colwin Art was born out of a deep desire to create and is inspired by the world around us. With every piece Tram creates, she tries to capture the beauty that can be found in nature and in everyday life. The Perch is proud to support this small business owned by an Asian American woman.

About the Presenter

Amy Jackson is founder and director of The Perch located in Aurora, Illinois. She is the author of Unhurried: A 52-Week Meditative Bible Reading Guide. She holds an M.A. in Christian Formation and Ministry from Wheaton College and spends time leading retreats, teaching about soul care, and training church leaders. She has served on staff at several churches and is a former small-group minister. She is passionate about helping people discover their calling and live out that calling in healthy, God-honoring ways.