Gratitude Devotional

Gratitude Devotional

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Study after study finds that practicing gratitude is not only great for our health (physical, mental, and emotional), but also great for our sense of satisfaction in life. Consistently expressing gratitude has been linked to better sleep, relationships, self-esteem, resiliency, and more. Even more convicting, though, is how often the Bible talks about the importance of expressing gratitude.

Get started with your own gratitude practice by engaging this 14-day devotional on gratitude. Each day includes a Scripture passage, an inspirational thought, and a question to reflect on.

This devotional is perfect for men and women who:

  • want to learn what the Bible says about gratitude.
  • desire to be more grateful every day.
  • hope to incorporate gratitude into their everyday rhythms.
  • desire a short resource to help them establish a devotional habit.

Choose from two formats:

  1. Daily Emails: The first email devotional will be sent to you immediately, and you'll receive another devotional each day after that for 14 total emails.
  2. PDF: You'll receive a PDF document with all 14 days of devotionals to use on your computer or phone, or to print out.

This devotional is also available as part of our Gratitude Box.