Beginner Enneagram Workshop Ticket

Beginner Enneagram Workshop Ticket

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March 7 │9:00 - 11:30 am

The Enneagram has soared to major popularity over the last few years, and it's with good reason. This ancient Christian tool holds incredible insight into the people God created us to be, revealing both our strengths and blind spots. When reflected on, the Enneagram can give you a roadmap for your spiritual development, showing you areas of growth that God might be inviting you into. If you don't "know your number" yet, there's no need to feel out of touch or behind the times. We'll help demystify the Enneagram while pointing you toward discovering your type.

During this workshop designed for people brand-new to the Enneagram, we'll discuss what the Enneagram is, what the numbers mean, a brief overview of each of the nine types, and insights for working with and having compassion for each of the nine types. Plus, we'll give you ideas for further resources to continue your journey with the Enneagram.

This event is open to men and women and will be held in Aurora, IL, at The Perch (31 W Downer Pl, Suite 301). Doors open at 6:15.

About the Presenter

Amy Jackson is the founder and director of The Perch. She holds an MA in Christian Formation and Ministry from Wheaton College and spends time teaching and training, especially church leaders, and leading retreats. She has served on staff at several churches and is a former small-group minister. She is passionate about helping people discover their calling and live out that calling in healthy, God-honoring ways. While Amy is not an Enneagram expert, she shares from her personal journey as she points to great resources that can help you further your exploration of the Enneagram.